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BFC,It is a platform for fast docking of business opportunities, and we aim to create a platform with high freedom, high efficiency and high matching. Using the most popular and fastest short video media communication mode today, users can obtain and display information of industry products and services at high speed, and through this platform, they can quickly achieve the purpose of business contact and product inquiry.

Online marketing no longer relies on high-consumption and high-cost platform bidding for promotion, and users with insufficient bullets no longer worry that the promotion news they put into will sink into the network sea. It is free here, and we can get merchants' favor by streamlining short videos with quality; Here is pure, we only need to put our own products and services into it. BFC platform aims at cross-border trade merchants at home and abroad, promotes domestic industry products and services to the world, introduces foreign business orders to China, realizes the value of global economic business platform, and safeguards the common interests of cooperation between domestic and foreign industry merchants.

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