CHEN DE EM-SVP / 3EASYMASTER Third Generation Servo Drive

EASYMASTER Third Generation Servo Drive Series

EM-SVP / 3 series keep the traditional advantages of the machine, and integration of advanced practical module , the whole performance is more excellent features and user-friendly. Advanced power system, enhanced structural rigidity , overall performance and mechanical structural stability of protection. At the same time , optimizing the hydraulic system , reducing the consumption cycle pressure ; multi-screen maintenance and troubleshooting tips, integrated networking system supports real-time monitoring port configuration mode , broadened electric field level , the control system more humane.

Clamping Unit

●Optimized five-point toggle clamping mechanism results in fast clamping speed and large clamping force.
●High strength spheroidal graphite cast iron for mold platens and toggle system: Optimize the structure design by finite element analysis.
●The mold platen is thickened, the rigidity is larger, and the mold can be protected more efficiently.
●Platens are processed in large CNC centers, and all important dimensions are clamped and processed at one time.  Maximize components accuracy and product repeatability.
●Using alloy steel for tie bars: With mature heat treatment process and strict QC system, tie bars with high mechanical strength and long working life are guaranteed.
●The high precision processing for the movable platen guide mechanism (composed of tie bar, sliding sleeve, etc.) added with mature friction pair design and advanced surface processing technology ensure the guiding precision enduringly, thus reducing the mold wearing and improving the product accuracy.
●Large mold space in clamping unit, suitable for different product size. Hydraulic gear mold adjustment makes mold adjustment more convenient and efficient.
●Strict QC system ensures the machine with best clamping precision when delivered.
●The highly adjustable movable platen sliding feet make the loading of the movable platen can be more even distributed; hence the tie bar loading deformation is reduced to ensure the guiding precision. 
●The mature low friction design and advanced high pressure centralized lubrication system can reduce the friction, wearing and motion noise and keep the motion precision of the equipment at any time.
●Robot mounting holes are available on the fixed mold platen
●The speed and pressure of the ejector shock and ejector backward are adjustable. While ejector shock is applied, ejection forward can be conducted again without retraction completely frist, thus saving the cycle time and improve the production efficiency. 
●For ensuring the safety of the operator to a maximum, multiple protections such as electrical and mechanical protection are designed for the clamping device.

Injection Unit
●Double injection cylinder unit is adopted. The injection force is balanced and large, and the speed is high, which are good for improving molding quality.
●Accurate and reliable injection position monitored by high precise linear transducer.
●The carriage height is easy to be adjusted and can align mold sprue quickly.
●Barrel is fixed simply and firmly. It is easy and fast to do replacement.
●Movable hopper with slideway:  Material changing is easy and efficient.
●Different plasticizing motors are available for the same model.  The best balance can be obtained between plasticizing torque and rotational speed.
●Double guide rod unit for the carriage combined with reasonable wearproof and lubrication design enables  high precise guiding, steady motion and better injection accuracy and stability.
●Hydraulic buffer design makes carriage motion more stable, lower impact between nozzle and mold, and nozzle wear reduction..
●Retreat resistance function for the carriage.
●Equipped with screw anti-cold starting function and low temperature alarm to prevent screw damage, when plasticizing temperature is insufficient. Melt decompression function is equipped to prevent plastic leakage.
●Plasticizing position ruler is set on the carriage metal plate for the operator to monitor.

Power system
●Hydraulic pressure is used as the main driving force for various parts. The power transmission is simple and sufficient to ensure high speed and steady work of the injection molding machine.
●More power for plasticizing system by using bigger servo power system. It also makes machine more stable and applicable.  Higher system discharge flow makes higher rotational speed of the screw, fast speed of injection, better plasticizing effects, better product formability and shorter production cycle.
●High efficiency gear pump imported from Germany. High response speed, repeatability, reliability and durability, green protection and low-noise can be achieved.
●Big hydraulic valve results in fast response and accurate control motion
●Imported elements are adopted for the key hydraulic elements like directional valve, flow valve, pressure valve, hydraulic pump, etc., and hence high precision, fast response, long service life, high transmission efficiency, steady transmission and low maintenance cost can be achieved.
●Low noise, high efficiency and stable work of hydraulic power device is achieved by optimized design, high precision processing and strict test.
●Hydraulic pipes are simple and desirable.  The hydraulic system is flexible and easy for the users to change or upgrade as necessary. .
●Equipped with high-performance precise by-pass filter to ensure the oil purity, reduce the hydraulic component wearing and improve the hydraulic transmission efficiency.
●Hydraulic oil cooler to make sure hydraulic oil is running at optimum working temperature.  It reduces abrasion of hydraulic components and improves the transmission efficiency.
●Servo drive system has the advantage of low-noise and fast response. Equipped with close loop control system, servo motor can adjust the output rotational speed and the output torque automatically to meet the different hydraulic pressure and flow demands, so the hydraulic servo system can achieve substantial energy saving and preciously control the pressure and the flow as well as improve the working performance of the injection molding machine and the precision of the products.

Control system
●B&R, New Age and Ai-12 control systems are available for selection as option.  Customer can select as per different request.
●User friendly control interface, easy and fast to complete parameter input and monitor machine running condition
●The control system can provide various alarms and error information for convenient debugging and maintenance.
●Multi-stage mold opening and clamping are available.  Working efficiency is ensured on the basis of slow opening and clamping.
●Multi-stage plasticizing settings help user to reach the best plasticizing effects.
●Injection curve is auto recorded. User can trace the injection process, and hence improve the product quality. 
●Remote centralized monitoring is provided to achieve large scale production and management efficiently.
●With the help of high precision & fast response displacement sensor, high precision clamping, injection and mold protection can be achieved to enhance product repeatability
●Working cycle can be adjusted.  Mold  opening and plasticizing can be done simultaneously to enable shorter cycle time and higher working efficiency
●High precise and steady PID temperature control
●Molding parameters can be reloaded quickly
●There are high efficient technical service teams which can meet the customer’s various special needs rapidly.

Plasticizing System
●Use imported material - SKD61 for the parts of the plasticizing system to ensure its strength and abrasive resistance
●Various surface treatment technologies are available to meet the demands of different plastics characteristics.
●Various screw plasticizing parameters are available to achieve better plasticizing efficiency and effects for different plastics.
●PPT screw (JM268~408) and screw with mixing head (EM260~560) are available for better plasticizing stability and mixing effect
●Module base design.  Easy for part replacement
●Resistance heating or electromagnetic heating can be adopted, preserve the heat with heat cover.  It makes temperature more stable and more energy saving.
●Optimized check valve design can obtain better injection precision.
●Special plasticizing systems are provided for plastics like PET, etc., to ensure the plasticizing quality and efficiency.

EASYMASTER Third Generation Servo Drive Series
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