FC series fast food box injection molding machineFC series fast food box injection moldin
  1. FC series fast food box injection molding machine FC series fast food box injection molding machine FC series fast food box injection molding machine FC series fast food box injection molding machine FC series fast food box injection molding machine FC series fast food box injection molding machine
The FC-Keichi series is a new high-end series launched by Kostel to meet market demand. Based on the experience of design, production and after-sales of injection molding machines for many years, this series of models has been developed with high efficiency, energy saving and precision environmentally friendly injection molding machines. It has the characteristics of fast running speed, high energy saving efficiency, high repeatability and good plastic mixing ability. Among them, FC series high-efficiency and energy-saving single-cylinder high-speed precision fast-food box injection molding machine is developed by Costeria for fast food box manufacturers, with the following advantages:
First, high efficiency, high speed, energy saving, high precision
Injection molding series of high-speed injection molding machines all use high-response servo energy-saving power S series. Compared with conventional quantitative pump models, according to different molding processes, energy saving can be 40%-80%, with the same tonnage model power system, injection speed 240mm / s or more, can be equipped with a special increase in power rate of up to 500mm / s, high-speed response, short molding cycle, compared with similar machines. Unique and reliable single-cylinder injection, fast response and high repeatability.
The injection molding adopts the world famous hydraulic control components, so that the whole machine achieves the best performance. It belongs to the new optimized energy-saving high-speed high-precision injection molding machine. The shooting adopts double-high precision linear guides, which are driven by double cylinders and are evenly and reliably applied. Meet the requirements of high speed and high precision.

The injection cylinders are sealed with Hallite imported brand seals. The whole machine is designed with humanity. The leakage of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and lubricating grease is minimized. The head plate is equipped with a nozzle guard to prevent high-pressure melt injection.
Injection molding with intelligent self-diagnosis expert control system, lubrication fault diagnosis alarm, position sensor real-time tracking alarm, temperature sensor temperature detection and alarm, photoelectric switch counting and end point sensing, screw proximity switch detection speed. With fully automatic function, it can accurately and comprehensively control process variables, and realizes full digital computer control of the entire injection molding process.
The injection molding uses a precision electronic ruler to control the stroke and has high positional accuracy. Multi-stage adaptive PID temperature control, PID parameters are independently adjustable, and the material temperature control is accurate to ±1 °C. With multi-stage injection, pressure holding speed and pressure control, time, position or dual control can be used.

Second, the machine is highly rigid
Injection molding series high-speed injection molding machine overall high rigidity, finite element analysis involves all the force parts of the whole machine, high precision, reasonable structure, comprehensive stress control below 100Mpa, high safety factor, less deformation, long life, fully guarantee the whole machine The overall high rigidity, strength, and high precision of the molded product. Therefore, the overall performance of the machine is better, mainly manifested by anti-vibration, anti-fatigue ability, low noise, good stability, low failure rate, high speed operation, small swing amplitude, small impact vibration, high injection quality and short molding cycle. High repeatability.
Third, the molding range is extremely wide
        It is mainly used for fast and thin forming products (fast food boxes, cutlery, aviation cups, etc.), high precision (connectors, light guides, mobile phone cases), environmental protection (medical products) and other rapid precision molding products.
FC series fast food box injection molding machine
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